When we make a through a list of the needs and how to efficiently make a difference to our first nations people,
we realize that what we do is only a band aid for a larger problem. Surely what we do is needed, but in the big picture
we must eventually work to solve the problem for the long term. In order to truly help the children, we also need to address
the needs of the family as well. Some families suffer from poverty for lack of employment or inability to work due to
an illness. Other problems may be alcoholic or drug dependency.

Some of the future goals of our organization are:
To establish job training, and employment referrals
To establish a drug and alcoholic center with a mentoring system
Establish youth centers where children can build self esteem, and join mentoring programs as well as
participate in recreational activities such as baseball, volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, running etc.
Establish book mobiles in rural areas and book donations to reservation school libraries

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